What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a process in which a membrane or sealant is applied on the surface of the house to keep water from reaching inside. It must be done by a professional, or else the sealant or membrane may fail to keep away the water.

Why is waterproofing important?

Water leakage can be very annoying to deal with and it can ruin the look of the house. Additionally, the penetration of water in the structure of the building can also weaken it. If this situation is allowed to deteriorate further, it can lead to even bigger problems which would be very expensive to repair. Moreover, it is not just the structure of the house that gets weak, mildew and mould may also form and these can be very dangerous to the inhabitants of the house.

What areas of the house must be waterproofed?

Any area in which there is a good chance of water leaking through must be waterproofed. The obvious areas are the roof, wall, water tank, sunken portion which includes toilets, kitchen, laundry rooms and bathroom. You would also need to waterproof the areas exposed to rainfall like terrace, balcony and outside walls. Terrace gardens, swimming pools at first floor or above floors and basements also require special type of waterproofing.

Protect Your Assets Immediately

`Prevention is better than cure’ is the cliche used by many people. It is wiser and cheaper to invest money on waterproofing your home prior to any damage being caused by water. Some of your personal items may be replaceable, such as antiques or have a sentimental attachment to yourself.

Any building is made up of several different components such as walls, roofs, gutters, ceilings, cupboards, doors, windows, tiles and many other components as well. Waterproofing a building structure protects not only the exterior structure but also the contents of the building as well. Damage cause by water to furniture, electrical items, cloths or any other household item is devastating to the owner.

Due to constant climate changes, rainfall has become much heavier and many homes and buildings are being affected by the heavy rainfall. Secure and protect yourself ASAP, waterproof your home, building or factory today.