Waterproofing in Chandigarh

Waterproofing in Chandigarh


ACQUABOND waterproofing chemicals

We are dealing in waterproofing chemicals and waterproofing services since 1983. We specialize in waterproofing during and after construction. We have more than 10,000 satisfied customers chain. We have a experienced, efficient and skilled team which provides timely solutions to your waterproofing needs with higher quality chemical  products. Our timely services and quality products make us renowned among contractors, architects and builders in the area.

J K Aggarwal ( proprietor )


Acquabond CJS-141 (two component) 

Acquabond CJS-141 is an innovative Cast Iron Pipe joint sealant. It reduces cost more than 1/4th per jointing. It is very easy to apply, non-pollutant, non-hazardous, safe as it needs no heating, economical, time saving, permanent and has a very high bonding strength. It is one of its own kind of product in India.
 Acquabond AB-130 (single component)
Acquabond AB-130 is a polymer based cementitious waterproofing coating for roof, brick tiles, terrace and sunken portion.

Acquabond AB-131 (single component)

Acquabond AB-131 is a polymer based waterproofing coating for roof, brick tiles, terrace and sunken portion.
Acquabond AB-133 (single component)
Acquabond AB-133 is a polymer based cementitious waterproofing coating for roof, brick tiles, terrace and sunken portion with excellent hair line cracks coverage.

Acquabond AB-139 (single component)

Acquabond AB-139 is a polymer based  multipurpose coating. It can be used as a bonding agent for old and new concrete or mortar. It can be used as a waterproofing coating for roof, brick tiles, terrace and sunken portion. It can be used as a cement admixture for waterproofing and it can also be used for tiles fixing.
Acquabond AB-151 (single component) 
Acquabond AB-151 is a polymer based paste for cracks filling with excellent flexibility and waterproofing quality. For filling gap between window and wall, glass fiber dome, ducting,  cracks of roof, wall, brick tiles etc.

Acquabond AB-152 (single component) 

Acquabond AB-152 is a polymer for cracks and joints filling with excellent bonding andwaterproofing quality. It can be used for filling gaps/joints of marble, kota stone, floor tiles, glaze tiles, etc.
Acquabond AB-160 (single component)
Acquabond AB-160 is a silicon based waterproofing coating for exterior walls. Clear solution for waterproofing of exposed brick work, stone masonry and wall.
Acquabond AB-111 (two component)
Acquabond AB-111 is a waterproofing coating for dry concrete or plastered surface. It is used as a waterproofing coating for roof, terrace garden, sunken portion, basement, water tank etc.

Acquabond AB-113 (two component)

Acquabond AB-113 is a epoxy coating for termite protection. It is used for the protection of wooden surface from termite.

Acquabond AB-114 (two component)

Acquabond AB-114 is a Epoxy Binder for old and new concrete. It is used as a bonding agent for old and new slab or column of concrete.

Acquabond AB-116  (two component)

Acquabond AB-116 is a waterproofing coating for damp concrete or plastered surface. It can be used in water tank, floor trap, drainage chamber, main hole, basement, bathroom, lift pit and surfaces which are not possible to make dry.
Acquabond AB-121  (single component)
Acquabond AB-121 is a cement admixture for mortar and concrete to provide waterproofing.

Acquabond AB-125  (single component) 

Acquabond AB-125 is a plasticizer for cement mortar and concrete to increase strength and workability.

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