Acquabond CJS-141

highly economical cast iron pipe joint sealant

Acquabond CJS-141 is an innovative Cast Iron Pipe joint sealant. It would change the conventional and long old method of scaling the C.I. pipe joint with Lead. It reduces cost upto 1/4th per jointing as compared to lead filling. It would totally replace the Lead used for sealing C.I. pipe joints. It is very easy to apply, non-pollutant, non-hazardous, safe as it needs no heating, economical, time saving, permanent and has a very high bonding strength. It is one of its own kind of product in India.

Acquabond CJS-141 is a two pack system and it is cold applicable. Just mix two components homogeneously and fill the pipe joint. Since it is very easy to apply, so overall labour cost is reduced. It has a high bonding strength, so the joint after filling becomes permanent. It is lead free and no extra fuel for heating is required as in case of lead filling, it makes Acquabond CJS-141 environment friendly also.